Researchers who wish to use the HPC center laboratory need to fill out the application form with their project details and submit the application.

The applications of users who fill out the application form will be evaluated, and the results will be communicated to them via email.

Users whose applications are approved will receive contracts. After signing the contracts, users will submit them to us either in person, electronically signed, or via courier.

After the contracts are submitted to us, the necessary accounts will be created for the user.

If you encounter any issues during the application process, you can contact us at to report them.

The Academic Preparation Program encompasses free resource support provided to all academic staff, undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students within universities to encourage research project applications. Under this program, academic staff, undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students are granted 2,000 core-hours and 20 GB of storage space free of charge.

For the procurement of computing resources for project purposes, a proforma invoice is prepared.

For the project you plan to submit to research funding organizations such as TÜBİTAK, BAP, etc., you can request a proforma invoice from our center for “computing resource procurement” services.

Sample Thank You Note

The numerical calculations reported in this paper were fully/partially performed at Harran University High Performance Computing Center (Harran HPC resources).

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Existing Installed Software and Libraries

*New software and libraries suitable for HPC can be added based on demand.

**You can run all the mentioned/not mentioned software with paid licenses using your own license

  • Matlab 2016b
  • Gaussian 16, Gaus View 6
  • OpenFoam
  • Python
  • Cuda
  • mpich
  • mvapich2
  • ls-dyna
  • metis
  • cmake
  • gcc
  • Openmpi
  • isl
  • iozone
  • blas
  • openblas
  • cgal
  • cloog