What is High Performance Computing?

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High-performance computing (HPC) utilizes supercomputers and computer clusters to solve advanced computational problems. Nowadays, computers capable of performing in the teraflop range are considered as high-performance computing machines. The term “high-performance technical computing” refers to cluster-based computing that is used to address engineering applications.

The High Performance Computing (HPC) Center aims to establish sufficient computational infrastructure and capacity for scientific research and R&D activities in the fields of science and engineering.

High-performance computing (HPC) is a solution widely used in research and development activities across all engineering disciplines. Its primary target users are university professors, researchers, and scientists involved in research and development activities. The second priority is given to sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and defense. In these sectors, various tasks, ranging from product development to testing and improving the tested product, are performed on computer systems. However, the computers capable of performing these tasks are not standard computer systems; they are supercomputers. Supercomputers, or high-performance computing systems, can handle much more complex and computationally intensive tasks in significantly shorter timeframes compared to standard computers, with computing power thousands of times greater. In the scope of high-performance computing solutions, these supercomputers are designed using standard server systems, integrated with different layers, and customized software is employed to create a more powerful computer system tailored to specific needs. The clustering architecture is utilized to enable the use of multiple servers for a single purpose. As a result, the resulting system appears as a single computer and performs tasks as a single computer would.

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