Havelsan CEO Visits HarranHPC

In Genel

Dr. Mehmet Akif NACAR, the founder director of HarranHPC High-Performance Computing Center, and the CEO of Havelsan, paid a visit to the center. During the visit, Mr. NACAR received detailed information about the current status of the center. He expressed his views on project collaborations and bilateral cooperation between Havelsan and HarranHPC.

The visit provided an opportunity for Mr. NACAR to gain insights into the advancements and capabilities of HarranHPC. He was impressed by the state-of-the-art infrastructure and the research being conducted at the center. Discussions were held regarding potential collaborations between Havelsan and HarranHPC, emphasizing the importance of leveraging high-performance computing technologies in various sectors.

Both parties expressed their commitment to fostering joint projects and knowledge exchange. The visit served as a platform for sharing ideas and exploring new avenues of cooperation between Havelsan and HarranHPC. It is expected that this visit will lay the foundation for future collaborations that will contribute to the advancement of high-performance computing and promote technological innovation in Turkey.

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